Motorcycle Safety

If you ride a motorcycle, you already know how much fun riding can be on the road.  You understand the exhilaration of cruising the open road, the challenge of controlling a motorcycle, and the essential need to be prepared to share the road.  Even the most skilled and prepared riders cannot predict environmental conditions such as vehicles, pedestrians, weather, road construction, animals, and unexpected road debris.  Motorcycling is inherently dangerous, and the accident consequences have much more personal injury potential when compared to classic passenger vehicles.

Safe riding is a PERSONAL responsibility.  This requires preparedness, vigilant awareness, and perpetual learning help raise awareness of ways to manage risks.   Each motorcycle ride includes personal choices about your riding equipment, proactive motorcycle maintenance, personal protective gear, mental/physical health, route decisions and dynamic driving decisions.   We strive to share safety perspectives among our members.

Our HOG chapter requires a safe riding environment.  We discuss safe riding discipline at each chapter rides, host brief safety meetings to communicate, and utilize Road Captains to promote a good riding experience.   We have strict requirements regarding alcohol and/or drugs which are not permitted on chapter rides.   Members are expected to role model safe riding behaviors, share their experiences, and help their peers.   This website location helps gather useful safety information to share for our members.

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